Come Together

with poet voices & the browders

Presenting… The Come Together Tour, A Community Concert Celebrating Faith, Family and Freedom!

Experience an unforgettable evening of live music and laughter with The Come Together Tour, featuring Award-winning recording artists, Poet Voices and The Browders. The Come Together Tour is a family-friendly, faith-based event that will encourage families and unite communities. Carefully designed as a community outreach event, The Come Together Tour will draw people and families who do not attend church regularly and provide you (the event planner) with a unique opportunity to reach the lost and unchurched in your community.

The Come Together Tour will provide event planners with marketing materials including custom posters, flyers, tickets, social media collateral, along with language that is designed to position your concert as a “Faith-Based Community Event” rather than a “Gospel Singin’.” We will also provide you with language that is crafted for marketing to local churches.

We have also developed a proven marketing plan that will ensure that you have an exciting and well attended event and we have developed a proven funding method to ensure that you have a financially successful event!

• Browders & Poet Voices
• Both groups on stage together
• All sound reinforcement required for the show
• A clear gospel presentation (appropriate for the venue)
• A proven marketing and funding plan
• A one-sheet for marketing to business leaders in your community
• A one-sheet for marketing to local churches
• A one-page “Sponsor Benefits” sheet to aid in funding
• 500 paper tickets
• 1000 half page flyers (custom)
• 25 posters (custom)
• All customization of marketing materials
• Collateral for social marketing
• Coordination on social media promotions
• Promotional FB Live videos featuring band members
• Travel
• Hotels
• Food
• Fuel

• Venue
• All-inclusive concert fee
• Volunteers

Promo Materials

Booking Information

Beckie Simmons Agency  •  615.595.7500  •

As a part of the marketing plan (that we will walk you through) we invite veterans and first responders to attend the Come Together events at NO CHARGE!! It is our goal to honor the service and sacrifice of citizens who have given so much to the community. Not only does this position you as a community leader, but it allows the opportunity for ministry to people outside of the “normal” church crowds. A top priority of the Come Together Tour is to have up to 1/3 of the venue be filled with the lost and unchurched in your community.

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